Middens, an Interview

Last month I was introduced to Middens, a game that I have found to be particularly precise in what it wants to be.  An RPGMaker game with typical top-down roleplaying game mechanics, Middens uses the ‘game’ as a platform to reveal itself to be something less easily defined.  The player explores numerous locations as a faceless nomad, and the majority of interactions with the environment are boiled down to “talk” or “shoot”.

You can also play your guitar.

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Mo’ Blades Mo’ Problems

The developers of one of the iPhone’s biggest non-bird-themed games has done an astounding zig-zag with my expectations and hired a legitimate author to put out a novella based on their intellectual property in the form of an ebook called “Infinity Blade: Awakening“.  While plenty of games have book tie-ins, there’s a lot of of hurdles to be cleared when trying to conflate some of Infinity Blade’s specific game mechanics and lack of a protagonist with a coherent storyline.

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