Thunderdome: Meet Cute Future

(This one’s prompt was “Sharp vision prevents rash decision”.   I had a very clear idea of what I wanted out of this one, and I think I got halfway there.  I’ll probably edit and expand on this one at some point.  746 words.)

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Battlescar ++

Dear Kyle Brodzky,

Thank you for submitting your story to —- for consideration in the —- anthology. We received a lot of great stories and the final selection was difficult to make. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use Modern Appliances, 1946. We wish you luck in placing it elsewhere.

Thank you,
—- and —-, Editors

I’m psyched.  A bunch of fellow Thunderdome writers got into the magazine though, so maybe bruteforcing random publications as a mob is a viable option.

Also, I’ve got this section of the site up and running.  It’s nowhere near as stylish looking as Greg Stolze’s archetypical layout, but maybe some day.  I don’t know anything about document formatting anymore.

Middens, an Interview

Last month I was introduced to Middens, a game that I have found to be particularly precise in what it wants to be.  An RPGMaker game with typical top-down roleplaying game mechanics, Middens uses the ‘game’ as a platform to reveal itself to be something less easily defined.  The player explores numerous locations as a faceless nomad, and the majority of interactions with the environment are boiled down to “talk” or “shoot”.

You can also play your guitar.

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