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Dear Kyle Brodzky,

Thank you for submitting your story to —- for consideration in the —- anthology. We received a lot of great stories and the final selection was difficult to make. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use Modern Appliances, 1946. We wish you luck in placing it elsewhere.

Thank you,
—- and —-, Editors

I’m psyched.  A bunch of fellow Thunderdome writers got into the magazine though, so maybe bruteforcing random publications as a mob is a viable option.

Also, I’ve got this section of the site up and running.  It’s nowhere near as stylish looking as Greg Stolze’s archetypical layout, but maybe some day.  I don’t know anything about document formatting anymore.

Hello Lamezine Fans

If you are visiting from Party Dogge’s fantastic LAMEZINE party, I’d like to welcome you to my website.   Welcome!

If you are visiting from somewhere else, I would like to suggest at this time that you check out LAMEZINE with an open heart and mind.  There are plenty of cool people contributors like myself, including KC Green and J. Chastain, as well as my dumb friend Brandon Kirkman.  It’s probably not safe for work or home but I contributed one unit of ‘fiction’ so how bad could it be?